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MyPurrMat™ Mess-Free Litter Mat

MyPurrMat™ Mess-Free Litter Mat

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Messy kitty litter? Help is here!

Say goodbye to messy floors and constant litter cleanups with the MyPurrMat™!

This revolutionary mat, with its honeycomb double layer design keeps your home clean and tidy effortlessly.


Save and recycle the scatted litter

Reduce your litter expenses by up to 25% with the MyPurrMat! By recycling unused litter back into the box, this innovative mat helps you save money without sacrificing cleanliness. Invest in the PurrfectMat today and start seeing the savings pile up!


Keep your floors urine-free with ease, thanks to MyPurrMat's waterproof bottom layer. This innovative mat offers a barrier of protection against pesky urine stains, and can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse of water. 

Works with any litter

This versatile mat ensures that you can use the litter of your choice without sacrificing cleanliness or convenience.

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